Team Lead Contact Information

Gwen Orlowski
Executive Director
Disability Rights New Jersey

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The logo for the Center for Youth Voice and Youth Choice. It has two interlocking circles with symbols inside them representing the organization's core missionsSupported Decision-Making (SDM) Planning

The New Jersey state team seeks to promote supported decision-making as a more widely accepted alternative to guardianship. Our team includes our youth ambassadors, the NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities, The Boggs Center for Developmental Disabilities, the NJ Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN), and Disability Rights NJ.

As part of the community of practice, the team will educate itself on best practices from outside the state and from experts here in New Jersey. In turn, we will then educate individuals with I/DD, families, educators/school system personnel, the judiciary, disability attorneys, advocacy organizations, and support coordination agencies about the value of self-determination and supported decision-making. We envision a multimedia approach that will include webinars, written materials, videos, and other forms of media complimented by the youth ambassadors’ projects. Guardianship is systematically entrenched as the default option for youth with disabilities upon reaching adulthood, so we ultimately hope to change that restrictive culture through education.




Training Curriculum

  • The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities, NJ Partners in Policymaking – Supported Decision- Making is a part of the curriculum with one full day dedicated to the topic each year. 

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