"Freedom does not mean life's decisions have to be taken on alone."
Holden Roberts
Holden Roberts
Youth Ambassador, South Carolina

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Alie Springgate
Supported Decision-Making Program Coordinator
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The logo for the Center for Youth Voice and Youth Choice. It has two interlocking circles with symbols inside them representing the organization's core missionsSupported Decision-Making (SDM) Planning

The South Carolina team meets monthly to collaborate on ways to share information and resources that will encourage supported decision making and other alternatives to guardianship. In recent years, resources have been created to enable youth and their families to gauge opportunities being provided for skill building and set goals for increasing opportunities for skill growth and development. In addition, tools have been created to foster a seamless transition between pediatric and adult health care providers with the ultimate goal of encouraging self-determination in youth with disabilities as it pertains to medical decision-making.

As a state team, South Carolina is working to add crucial members to our youth team to ensure representation from various stakeholders is included in our project’s efforts. In addition, South Carolina has a history of utilizing a peer mentorship model to connect youth with disabilities with their peers in the disability community. South Carolina’s youth ambassadors are developing projects that complement the work being done by the state team and will extend the team’s outreach efforts to youth and young adults across South Carolina and further promote the peer mentorship model.


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