“It is very important to know about alternatives to guardianship so that we know all the tools in the toolbox, which can be adjusted to meet an individual's needs. From there, people can make an informed decision about what will best support them in exercising self-determination to the maximum extent possible.”
Claire Adams
Claire Adams
Youth Ambassador, Arizona

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Reggie Mitzel
Diverse Ability Incorporated
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The logo for the Center for Youth Voice and Youth Choice. It has two interlocking circles with symbols inside them representing the organization's core missionsSupported Decision-Making (SDM) Planning As of June 2023, Supported Decision-Making is now a legally recognized alternative to guardianship in Arizona! The Arizona State Team is committed to providing school and community outreach and education throughout Arizona to promote alternatives to guardianship and supported decision-making, including reaching those in Native American and rural communities. Our State Team will strive to connect and align with other entities working in this space to promote alternatives to guardianship and supported decision-making, collaborating to amplify each other’s work, provide joint trainings and education, and otherwise prevent forced guardianship. Our State Team will engage young adults, including our Ambassadors, in State Team members’ efforts to promote and advance alternatives to guardianship and supported decision making.


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