Your Voice, Your Choice

The Center on Youth Voice, Youth Choice is a national resource center for youth with disabilities. We talk about alternatives to guardianship (A2G). We work with you, your families, and your supporters. The Center does research, advocacy, and teaches about alternatives to guardianship (A2G). A2G are tools you can use to get the support you need to make tough decisions about your life. You can learn more about A2G by reading and watching stories and looking through our resources. You have the right to make your own decisions about your life!

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Turning 18: What Youth with IDD Should Know

In these videos, self-advocates explain transfer-of-rights, transition planning, and turning 18. They also talk about alternatives to guardianship and what self-advocacy and decision-making means to them.

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New Legal Glossary and Videos for Youth

This glossary is a list of legal words with definitions in plain language. It helps youth understand these words because they may come up when talking about supported decision-making and alternatives to guardianship.

Light a Spark, YAs are the Bridge Builders

Check out the new Youth Ambassadors Showcases!

Watch short videos of youth from Indiana, Oregon, Michigan, South Carolina and New Jersey describe their projects!