Youth tell their stories about supported decision-making

With supported decision-making, you have the freedom to make choices about your life. Supported decision-making is powerful.

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Youth Stories

Jordan Anderson smiling, looking at camera

Meet Jordan

Jordan Anderson is a high school graduate who loves sports, politics, and journalism. He enjoys living in a small town in Auburndale, WI where there is always someone to stop and talk to.

Houston at one of his favorite places, the top of Stone Mountain

Meet Houston

Houston is a college student studying Forensic Psychology. He is a strong advocate for voice and choice and believes that every person should have the opportunity to speak for themselves and explore their dreams.

derek headshot2

Meet Derek

Derek is a 21-year-old self-advocate and Youth Ambassador from Georgia. He is also an artist who enjoys graphic design, painting, drawing, food and playing video games.

Meet Trina

Ketrina is a 27-year-old disability and “everything” advocate, a motivational speaker, and a blogger from Brooklyn, New York. She also serves on the CYVYC Advisory Board.

Otto Lana

Meet Otto

Otto is a self-confident published author, award-winning poet, public speaker, entrepreneur, and disability rights advocate and activist. Otto and his friends help people understand the importance of technology for communication. He also has a day named after him in San Diego, CA. Otto is often public speaking, working on his e-commerce business, and working on his disability rights business. In his free time, he likes to body surf, hike, and swim for fun

Youth Ambassador Hasan Ko from Vermont

Meet Hasan

Hasan is a CYVYC Youth Ambassador Trainer and a Youth Ambassador from Vermont. He is also a leader of Green Mountain Self Advocates’ (GMSA) work on including people with disabilities from diverse backgrounds.

Dashiell Meier

Meet Dashiell

Dashiell is a good friend and an extraordinary storyteller. He is a film major at Foothill College and an intern at The Krause Center for Innovation’s Makerspace. He loves drawing, animation, painting on his iPad, acting, building things, and soccer. He has a YouTube channel where he makes films and hosts guests. He also advocates for people with disabilities and educates people about disability.

Claire Adams

Meet Claire

Claire is a 23-year-old disability advocate from Tucson, Arizona. She enjoys singing and attending concerts. She also goes to music festivals, and likes to travel. She is an ArizonaLEND graduate and goes to college at the University of Arizona.