"Alternatives to guardianship empower youth, respect their rights, and encourage their independence, creating responsible and capable citizens.”
Kason Erwin
Kason Erwin
Youth Ambassador Co-leader, Texas
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Team Lead Contact Information

Brooke Hohfield
Co-Executive Director
Texas Advocates

Deborah Wallace
Co-Executive Director
Texas Advocates

Meet our Ambassadors

The logo for the Center for Youth Voice and Youth Choice. It has two interlocking circles with symbols inside them representing the organization's core missionsSupported Decision-Making (SDM) Planning

The Texas Team, comprised of the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, Texas Advocates, and four ambassadors are aiming to show the power of young people. Our project will place youth in positions where families, educators, and state and local decision-makers can learn from youth about the importance of listening, respecting, and empowering people with disabilities.

Through the project, ambassadors are building confidence and knowledge about their civil rights, self-determination, supported decision-making agreements, and alternatives to guardianship. They will create waves by presenting in their local school districts, teaming with statewide advocacy networks, and sharing their unique projects.


Texas State Team Organizations