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Derek is a 21-year-old self-advocate and Youth Ambassador from Georgia. He is an artist and believes that a picture can say a lot. In this story, Derek uses art to express how he feels about supported decision making, how he receives support and why it is important to make his own choices.

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Derek is a passionate disability voting advocate. He is a board member of Uniting for Change, a network of self-advocates, and REV Up Georgia. His artwork expresses his passion for voting rights.

Derek painting
Derek is working on a painting titled “Save My Vote.”
derek painting
A finished “Save My Vote” painting. Save My Vote is REV UP GEORGIA’s slogan. Painting is displayed at a voting event in Georgia.
Derek painting
Derek is working on a drawing titled “My Vote Suppressed.” The hands are holding Derek's vote.
derek's painting
"All Votes Matter" painting.