Harrison Verma

Harrison Verma was born in Northallerton, United Kingdom, and has always had a very close, but small family. Whether this be his parents and grandparents, or the wonderful community he has met since first attending the Arizona Youth Leadership Forum (AZYLF) in 2018, Harrison has learned much from this tight-knit environment of good company. Harrison is a naturalized American citizen, having moved to the United States in 2006. With a multicultural background, that of English, Scottish, East Indian, and Canadian influence, Harrison is well versed in adaptability, in understanding the perspectives of others, and is often cited as having unique perspectives of his own.

Central to his identity is being a person who has autism spectrum disorder, which influences the way he thinks and reacts in many situations. Harrison feels having autism lends itself to his academic success, and he is currently a student at Penn Foster College, studying business management.

Harrison excels with interpersonal relations and forming strong connections. He is always willing to be that non-judgmental someone to talk to. Harrison lives by the motto, “Done right the first time.” This, in his opinion, isn’t to say that mistakes or failure are unacceptable, but rather that we should strive for perfection when possible, whether that be setting attainable goals for ourselves or putting in the practice before the actual event takes place.