Holden Roberts

Holden is a 21-year-old Equip leader living in South Carolina. Holden moved from Oklahoma to South Carolina at the age of 13. He was homeschooled and volunteered at the local animal shelter in his youth. He has since joined Able SC as an Equip Leader to help his peers learn about transitioning to adulthood and disability advocacy. He is now the owner of the Equip Hangouts, has written for and presented at the annual Equip Summer Series, and is a two-time peer staff at the Youth Leadership Forum. Holden has written a 50k word story, plays chess, and has given speeches at hospitals and colleges about equal rights for people with disabilities and the problems with sub-minimum wage laws. He can also (perhaps most importantly) make a mean bowl of chili cheese fries.

Holden's Showcase

Holden shares a sneak peak of the video series he is creating about alternatives to guardianship. He shares what the first episode is about.