headshot of Jeanie wearing red glasses and smiling

Jeanie Rowe is a 21-year-old student in the Heritage Southwest Intermediate School District in Cass County, Michigan. Jeanie has always had a desire to help others reach their full potential and wants them to know that they are not alone. She is currently training as a Peer Mentor at Woodlands Behavioral Health, where she will provide support to peers who also receive services there. “I am a strong advocate for all people with disabilities in all aspects of their lives”. Helping people understand their right to make their own choices was very appealing to Jeanie, and this is what drew her to become a Youth Ambassador for the Center on Youth Voice, Youth Choice.

Jeanie's Showcase

In this interview, Jeanie shares that her project is about educating people with disabilities on supported decision-making and voting processes. She showcases her leadership and advocacy efforts to empower people with disabilities across a variety of settings.

Other Content

photo of Jeanie being filmed

Jeanie was highlighted in a news story, along with the Michigan Supported Decision-Making toolkit and CYVYC! Read the story: ‘Voice for the voiceless’: Young woman using ability to advocate for others with disabilities. Watch the video!