Matthew Leos

Matthew Leos is 16 years old from Brownsville, Texas. When he grows up, he wants to be a Deputy Sheriff just like his dad. He loves going to the beach. His mom takes Matthew and his big brother to South Padre Island where they go on boat tours to watch the dolphins. He likes hanging out with his friends and playing video games. He loves playing sports and participates in football, basketball, boxing, and track. His favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys, and his dream this year is to go to a Dallas Cowboys football game. Matthew has won awards at school, including being on the Honor Roll and he was also Prom King. He was featured in a local news segment discussing the importance of inclusive school sports. He is learning to drive and is excited to buy his first truck one day. He is also involved in his community as a volunteer helping his city at holiday events, and an Ambassador with a Brownsville nonprofit that helps individuals with disabilities at events.